Flexiforce is a HR and Recruitment Firm in Brisbane. They specialise in providing flexible staffing solutions. They have a reputation for a no nonsense approach and an extremely high quality result for their clients.

This reputation has allowed them to build some very long term and highly successful relationships with their loyal base of clients. Their website then had to do the same brilliant job. A short, sharp, effective message whilst still remaining flexible enough to cater to two very different client profiles: those who needed a job, and those who had one to offer.

Flow Design and Print have a long term relationship with Flexiforce and had built a website for them previously through another website development firm.

Flow Design and Print had built a beautiful design and concept, which deserved a modern, and functional online website. The previous firm developer had done a good job, but not a great one. Klefen wanted to take it one step further, the result has been well received and has paved the way for many other websites like it.

Innovative and Excellent, thanks Flow Design and Print for another great project!