D Pearce Constructions is an award winning Brisbane based luxury home builder and renovator. Their work has appeared in magazines and on TV shows, its innovative, high quality and simply beautiful. With such a fantastic product and a keen eye for detail, their website had to be something special. Flow Design and Print had spent quite a deal of time with D Pearce Constructions in the design and planning stage of this website, well before contact Klefen. In a way it was ironic, D Pearce took beautiful plans and concepts and built them for customers. Klefen does the same thing for Flow Design and Print. We take all that hard work, the beautiful concepts and designs and bring them to life on the internet. This has been one of our favorite projects, and with more planned for it in the future, keep an eye on it as it will only get better, Thank you Flow Design and Print for another great project. www.dpearceconstructions.com.au